Gorse X-Rider 2

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This fabulous premium boot is made in Europe using a thick leather with a high quality lining making it waterproof up to the expandable calf panel. The outsole is made from a hardwearing rubber and has closed cleat edges making the boot suitable for horse riding. The sharp heel breast also ensures a secure hold in the stirrups.

The boot is fastened with a heavyweight, rustproof metal YKK full length zip that should stand years of use. The calf panel is made with strips of leather over an expandable lycra material, which allows for around 25mm of expansion.

The Gorse X-Rider 2 has been designed and manufactured in Europe with an attention to detail that you would expect from Kanyon Outdoor to make a boot that looks great and feels great for around town, around the yard or out riding.

The 'Gorse X-Rider 2'  will over time entirely replace the 'Gorse X-Rider 1'. The stylish design of the boot remains the same with the main difference being the finish of the leather;  the Gorse X-Rider 2 has a smoother finish as opposed to the more vintage look of the Gorse X-Rider 1.

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